Behind the Clayhouse

Originally from the Sunshine Coast of California, I moved to Brisbane late January 2022. Back in the US, my journey into ceramics began in College where I took my first hand building class in 2016 and completely fell head over heels with all things clay—Semester after semester, I dived deeper into the ceramic arts. After college, my practice evolved from the classroom to my garage where I continued to learn and grow on my own.

 In my own work, I love to explore functional pieces that bring something special to the everyday— in my world, the mug you choose to drink your morning cup of coffee matters. In moving here, my practice continues to evolve and grow as I am learning to navigate new clays, glazes and processes. 

To me, ceramics represents endless opportunities to learn and grow— I will never reach the state of knowing everything there is to know and that idea excites me— to continue to learn and grow as long as I continue to practice ceramic arts. 

Teaching weekly at Mitra Ceramic House in South Brisbane QLD.

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